Join our network! The Linkvest Network is made up of co-investors across the globe, and includes individuals, family wealth, institutions, and single-family and multi-family offices.

We value the trust our investors place in us, which is why Linkvest has a linking process that connects our Linkvest Network of co-investors in a safe and reliable way.

During this linking process, we get to know the people, entities, and resources that join our platforms, and we carry out the necessary controls to ensure the care and protection of those who are part of the Linkvest Network.

Our clients

Institutional investors

Family offices

HNI & Private Investors

Real estate developers

Real estate co-investors


Real estate professionals and brokers

Mortgage brokers

Purchase of mortgage loans

We invite our co-investors to purchase a percentage of the note on commercial loans backed by first mortgages on real estate located in South Florida and Georgia.

Through our company, LV Lending, we originate the loan and subsequently sell and manage it for our co-investors.

These loans are for investment only, as our placement policy precludes originating loans for primary or secondary residences.

The typical terms and conditions of co-investment with LV Lending are:

  • Minimum participation amount: $250,000
  • Net rate of return expected by the co-investor: between 7.5% and 8% per annum
  • Yield distributions: every two months
  • Term: 24 months or less
  • Collateral: first mortgage on property with a maximum loan of 60% of the commercial value of the property.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

We invite our co-investors to co-invest in the acquisition of triple-net real estate assets with long-term leases and located in the US.

For each purchase transaction, a partnership is formed to which each co-investor’s invested capital is contributed.

The typical terms and conditions are:

  • Minimum participation amount: $250,000
  • Net rate of return expected by the co-investor: between 5.5% and 6.5% per annum in yields and profit from the appreciation of the property in other words, the expected total return ranges between 10% and 12% per annum.
  • Yield distributions: 3-month house
  • Term: 5-7 years.

Real Estate Developments

We invite our co-investors to co-invest in the equity required for the construction of multi-family (rental apartment buildings) and mixed-use projects in South Florida.

We partner with well-known developers with proven track record and experience.

For each purchase transaction, a partnership is formed to which each co-investor’s invested capital is contributed.

The typical terms and conditions of co-investment with LV Development are as follows:

  • Minimum participation amount: $250,000
  • Net rate of return expected by the co-investor: between 14% and 1.5% per annum
  • Return distributions: only when the exit strategy is executed, which may be the refinancing of the asset or the sale to an institutional investor in search of real estate assets with stable cash flows
  • Term: 4-5 years.

At Linkvest Capital, we understand that the alternative investment market is always changing and regularly participate in other types of transactions to keep up with market conditions. We analyze the following opportunities on a case-by-case basis:

These transactions continue to be of interest to us, and we are willing to analyze them on a case-by-case basis. See examples here.

Private equity

We invest in early-stage growth companies that require working capital to expand and reach the maturity stage. We have completed five such transactions and remain open to the possibility of analyzing similar transactions.

The future

For Linkvest Capital, long-term partnerships are the best tool for building value; therefore, we are always open to suggestions from the members of our network in order to continue offering quality co-investment platforms that deliver capital preservation and recurring cash flow generation.




Becoming a co-investor in Linkvest Capital is simple.
1. The individual or entity must be an accredited investor defined by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.
2. Let us know about your interest in co-investing with us. We have different communication channels at your disposal.
3. After that, you will schedule an appointment with a member of our Linkvest Team who will provide you with more information about our company and the different co-investment platforms.
4. Finally, a linking process to become a co-investor is initiated.

The co-investment process is of great importance to us because it is a legal requirement through which we can grow our Linkvest Network in a safe and reliable way. In addition, it allows us to:
· Comply with the requirements of the Office of Assets Control (OFAC).
· Perform the proper tax withholding in applicable cases.
· Prepare legal documents for each transaction.
· Mitigate operational, legal, and reputational risks associated with the purchase, sale, and administration of mortgage loans.

At Linkvest, we align our interests with those of our co-investors using a profit-sharing model in which we earn only when the co-investor receives returns on their co-investments, which is normally a percentage of the income actually received by the co-investor.

If the client is a multifamily office, we can make a partnership agreement to respect the office’s guidelines being the client and not the office’s members. For the linkage, we need the information of all the members, but the day-to-day is handled directly with the multifamily office.
For external advisors, a collaboration agreement is made in which we manage the clients, and we pay commission to the advisors for the income received by their clients.

Yes. Our Linkvest Network is consists of individuals, legal entities, single-family offices, multifamily offices, and/or advisors.

At Linkvest Capital, we analyze, structure, and manage alternative investments in which capital preservation and recurring cash flow generation are paramount.
We currently have three companies operating in the southern United States (Florida and Georgia) that participate in financing, acquisition, and development transactions in the real estate sector.

Our organizational culture reflects our convictions and actions in each of the transactions we analyze, structure, and manage. We always prioritize professionalism and the basic principles for building long-term partnerships: respect, honesty, and transparency. Our culture is framed in what we call ‘The Linkvest Way,’ which consists of a group of 20 principles co-created by the partners and the organization’s work team that bring together our purpose as a company and the principles that define our culture of doing things right.

At Linkvest Capital, we do not provide tax advice on the co-investments you make with us; it is the responsibility of each co-investor to manage their taxes with their team or advisors in accordance with the regulations of their country of origin. We differentiate between US and foreign clients to ensure the proper withholdings of the returns delivered.

Each co-investment is different, and for that reason, payment schedules vary. Typically, for co-investments with our mortgage loan platform, returns are distributed every two months. For our commercial property acquisition platform, distributions are made every three months. For our multifamily investment platform, distributions are made only at the end of the investment.

At Linkvest Capital, we are always open to hearing about new alternative investment opportunities. You can direct your proposal to us at [email protected]

You can contact us:
· By phone
- Miami: +1 (305) 523–6576
- Medellin: + 57 (4) 431–0244
· By email at [email protected]
· By sending us a request through the Contact Us link on our website.


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