Our executive leadership and advisors have deep real estate and institutional investing experience.

We have an Advisory Board consisting of three external experts, who play a crucial role by providing strategic and expert guidance in decision-making related to our operations and investment alternatives. 

Our departmental leadership includes interdisciplinary experts who work across the organization to apply a full-service approach to supporting our co-investors. 

Broader team consists of 32 team members organized across key functional teams 


Camilo Niño

Founding Partner & CEO

Jorge A. Uribe E.

Founding Partner

Jorge A. Uribe T.

Founding Partner

Ricardo Uribe

Founding Partner

Core Activities

Business Development (Identify) 

Camilo Niño

Founding Partner & CEO

Alen Hernandez

Commercial Director

Underwriting & Financial Modeling (Analyze) 

Victor Pastor Real Estate Analyst
Daniel Gonzalez

Financial Underwriter

Due diligence & Closing (Processing) 

Amelia Diaz

Transaction Coordinator

Daniela Lara

Transaction Processing Analyst

Rafael Echavarría

Process Analyst

Deal Funding (Co-invest) 

Camilo Niño

Founding Partner & CEO

Ricardo Uribe

Founding Partner

Operations & Control (Manage-Control) 

Catalina Restrepo

Operations & Partnerships Director

Camilo Restrepo

LV Lending Coordinator

Jonathan Restrepo

Loan Servicing & Property Management Analyst

Sebastian Pineda

Servicing Support Analyst

Ana María Quiroga

Co-investors Servicing

Ana María Erazo

Documental Analyst

Service Activities

Innovation and Optimization 

Francisco Cubillos

Chief Operational Excellence Officer (COEO)

Client Experience & Investor Relations 

Alejandra Salazar

Client Experience Director

Manuela Mejía

Client Experience Communications

Juan José Ángel

Client Experience Servicing

Natalia Aguirre

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Becker

Public Relations

Financial Control 

Susana Escobar

Financial Controller & Risk Director

Andrés Felipe Alarcón

Bookkeeper & Financial Analyst

Luis Felipe Granados


Talent Management & Culture 

Catalina Franco

Talent & Organizational Development Director

Paula Andrea Tamayo

Administrative Analyst

Risk & Audit 

Carlos Carvajal

Chief Risk Management Officer (CRMO)

María Camila Puerta

Compliance & Risk Analyst

Kelly Sandoval

Internal Auditor

The Linkvest Network


At Linkvest, we firmly believe in the transformative power of partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial goals while upholding the highest standards of transparency, reliability, pioneering spirit, and expertise. We recognize that fostering such collaborations not only enhances our reputation within the industry but also fortifies our partnerships with peers, clients, and co-investors. 

Central to our corporate ethos is the establishment of enduring partnerships founded on trust and integrity. Our Linkvest Network exemplifies this commitment, serving as a testament to the ethical principles that underpin our operations. We ensure that every member of our network shares our values, thereby guaranteeing a community of like-minded individuals and entities dedicated to conducting business with the utmost integrity. 

Join us in the Linkvest Network and experience the benefits of partnering with a community that values transparency, reliability, pioneering initiatives, and expertise. Together, we can drive sustainable growth and create lasting value for all stakeholders involved. 

Business team sitting in office and planning work.Business,people, technology and office concept.



With a heavy regional focus, Linkvest has built an outsized reputation in the community: 

  • Active members of various high-visibility national and regional organizations across real estate and lending.
  • National Mortgage License #1291855.


American Association of Private Lenders. This is the first association to represent the private real estate lending industry in the United States. It has around 350 members.



Urban Land Institute. The ULI has more than 45,000 members in 82 countries and is focused on attracting leading organizations in land use and community development.



Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals. With over 60 years of experience and 1,200 members, FAMP brings together professionals in mortgage lending in the State of Florida.



Commercial Real Estate Women. With over 12,000 members in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



International Council of Shopping Centers. With more than 70,000 members in 95 countries, the ICSC focuses on attracting leading organizations in commercial real estate.



Real Estate Lenders Association. National not-for-profit corporation formed in 1991 to provide a forum for real estate lenders and equity investors to advance their knowledge and expertise in their industry. RELA currently has six Chapters across the country.



For Linkvest Capital’s partners and team, prioritizing community support and consistent contributions to projects dedicated to children and education is paramount. Since its inception, Linkvest Capital has remained committed to backing various foundations with initiatives aimed at enhancing children’s living standards and educational opportunities. Here are highlights of the foundations we’ve proudly supported.