Alternative Co-investment Opportunities

We are an alternative co-investment network.

We are dedicated to finding good people to identify, analyze, structure, co-invest, and operate alternative opportunities different from those available in the traditional markets and targeted to investors, institutions, partners and the Linkvest Team.

At Linkvest we pride ourselves on always aligning our interests with those of our investors through our shared-profit and co-investment model, with a focus on capital preservation.

We achieve this by having a team with more than 25 years of combined experience in the alternative investments market, that to date has co-invested and managed with optimal quality over $1 billion in approximately 650 financing, acquisition, and development operations in the real estate industry.

Our numbers back us up


Amount invested in real estate transactions


Number of transactions


Number of business providers and partners

Why us

Our team has an investor mindset, and we pride ourselves on always aligning our interests with those of our co-investors, focusing on capital preservation.

Every investor chooses the investments they want to participate in, thus maintaining control over the assets in their portfolios.

We are not a fund. We offer deal-by-deal co-investment opportunities.

Linkvest, its partners, and our team members co-invest in our own deals.

We work under a profit-sharing model, which means that we only profit when we generate returns for our co-investors.

We structure co-investment operations that offer diversification and non-correlation to reduce the volatility of traditional financial markets.

We offer direct access to alternative investments deals.

We are not asset managers. We focus on creating value through our co-investment operations.

We do what we say we do.



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